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Technical Truth offers the latest in web hosting technology with a proven track record of uptime and technical support. Our dual quad-processor Dell servers feature a minimum of 16GB of RAM, terabyte RAID-10 drive arrays, redundant power supplies, and redundant Gigabyte connections to an OC3 backbone. Each server is backed up every three hours and protected by 3-hour response time service warranty, 24/7 monitoring, and power backup generators.

Unlike our cheap competitors which use unsupported freeware such as Apache, PHP, and My SQL; Technical Truth utilizes only licensed and supported software such as Windows Server 2012, ColdFusion 11, and MS-SQL 2012. This assures our clients a stable platform, proven support, and cross-platform compatibility. Beware the cheap prices... if it's too good to be true, maybe now you know why!

Our prices start at $24.95 per month and even the basic package is suitable for most small businesses.

Contact Technical Truth today regarding your current or future web hosting needs.


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